Why Do You Do It?

Whether you’re actively taking steps to achieve a goal, or even in the beginning stages where you’re visualizing the results you want, it’s crucial that you ask yourself one thing — WHY?

Why do you want it?  Knowing the “why” behind it all can help you uncover massive motivation and drive.  And it’s a GREAT way to find out what you  can use to keep you going when every other part of you is screaming to throw in the towel.

On a recent dog walk, Tristan and Sabrina started to really examine the power of “Why?” and how it can keep you more consistent:

Correct energy blocks and get into the FLOW

So it seems that, just as important as identifying WHAT we want… we need to identify WHY we want it!

Here’s how it goes.  Pretend you’re interviewing yourself and ask:

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. Then, whatever the answer, follow up with, “Why do you want THAT?
  4. Then repeat step 3, a few more times until you really get down to your root WHY!

Because  in reality, once we get down to our root WHY… there’s usually a lot of emotion behind it.  And when THAT’s the case…Expect miracles.  That emotional connection is the key to the most powerful Attracting Force we can tap into.

Once we really understand WHY we want something, we also get a deep insight into what strongly motivates us.

Take a moment and really think about what motivates you.   Now, how does what you are SAYING you want to achieve fit into that why?

Often, it’s even something because we’ve been taught that we SHOULD want it. Or taught that we’ll be happy if we have. But it doesn’t actually tap into our WHY, our personal reasons for doing anything. So it makes it hard to get excited about. And hard to stay committed to. Just one more thing that we’re “supposed to do.”

But by digging a little deeper, we can get flashes of perfect clarity where the root of our WHY becomes obvious. Sometimes it comes quickly and easily, and sometimes it requires a little more digging.

But no matter the cost, it’s worth it!  It gives you the reason for doing anything.

So, c’mon… let’s hear it…

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Please feel free to share your why, your experience or your questions with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Esperansa

    After watching that video came very clear to me why I have to ask myself why I want something, loved it, thank you!

    1. Trisbrina

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Esperansa!

  2. Marina

    I just really love you two. I will incorporate asking myself “why” until I feel that wonderful happy emotion at the bottom of all my reasons for wanting X, Y, Z….thank you for the reminder and for just thinking about your email fans ????????????????

    1. Trisbrina

      Awwww… huge smile and big thank you from us, Marina!

  3. Brenda Kopecky

    Hi Sensei & Sabrina, Thanks for taking me on this lovely stroll w/the pups! I enjoyed that, & even Felt that hill…lol…I appreciate that you guys share so much. I learned quite a bit after my accident 16 yrs ago. I am very Blessed, every day is a New Challenge for me, & I found my WHY pretty quickly…, which in turn was how I actually found You two. I can simply say that the Universe brought us together,..Turns out my (Why), is the Biggest motivation for everything. I absolutely admire that you Teach this in your LifeForce Mastery Dojo!! You guys Rock! You got IT,.. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in your personal & profession teachings…What a Blast! I do hope you Truly know how Wonderful your Dojo turned out…Domo arigato

    1. Trisbrina

      Thank you Brenda! What treat to experience such beauty! And to choose to share about it so that it grows and others can enjoy it! ????

  4. Holly

    My big why is for my rescued animal Peaches is to be accepted into the Working Cats Program, at the Humane Society, because it’s not her fault she was abandoned. Her owner was thoughtless and cruel. Of course she has skittish behavior, and she’s improved so much since her rescue. She DOES deserve to live a full life.

    1. Trisbrina

      Hi Holly. The love we have to share with out four footed friends is inspiring sometimes. But I see a bigger Why in your words. Why do you want Peaches to be rescued? Because you want her to have a chance for love. Why do you want her to have that chance? Because you know what being loved and cared for is like and you want that for those around you. It goes on and on. So often our whys show us not only what we want to give, but what we want to receive.

  5. Janice Giovannetti

    Thank you both for the wonderful thoughts on how to find your “why”. A lot of people (myself most definitely included) go through life feeling like there is something missing, something they need but they’re not quite sure what. To use this formula of “What do you need, Why do you need it, and why do you need That,” can help people focus their energy on finding out just what it is they truly need, and once your energy is focused, like you said, wonderful things can happen

    1. Trisbrina

      Exactly, Janice. So true! Thank you for sharing that!

  6. Sylvia Sims

    Thank you for sharing the ( Why) concept I have a beautiful magnets that you sent and the full form to go with it I feel bad because I haven’t started it yet because I got sick with a bad bug that’s been going around my area I am back up and around now but really have to take it easy I lost 6 pounds that took me five months to gain so I’m down to 102 again so I’m starting all over but I know I will get there I crawled around on my hands and knees for eight months I have a beautiful 2 year old bull terrier that helped me keep going through the dark times she was just a three-month-old pup she would help me get off my knees and stand thank you for your encouragement I will get there love Syl????????(Isaba)

    1. Trisbrina

      Hi Syl, don’t stress. Take things as you can. And share some of that gratitude feeling with your body. It’s an amazing thing. Pulling you on the other side of that virus 🙂 It went to war for you and won. Our bodies and our energy are truly amazing!

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