Clear Negative Energy

Have you noticed that certain people and certain places feel TOXIC?

It can feel as if Energy Vampires are literally, sucking the life, health and happiness right out of you!

You don’t want to let these “bad vibe” feelings control where you go or what you do – so then, how do you protect yourself?

How do you clear these negative energies?

You can actually create your own force field of protection around your body’s Energy Centers!

Correct energy blocks and get into the FLOW

In this short video, Sensei Tristan shows you a simple technique that you can use to create your own personal Energy Protection Field.

It will also guide you through shifting your own energy field into a “Good Vibes” broadcast station (so you’re sending out pure positive energy.) 🙂

Some people don’t realize their energy feels negative, draining or toxic to others.

They notice that people don’t seem to enjoy being around them but don’t know why.

So, the first step is to protect yourself from other people’s negative energy and then make sure your own energy field is as pure and positive as possible.

Then, you might want to send the link to this article to a friend that might need it!

If you know the perfect place or situation to use this technique to protect yourself from toxic situations or people, please feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Julie Dale

    Beautiful energy healing, thankyou! ?

    1. Trisbrina Truscott

      Thank you for your kind words, Julie! Much appreciated!

  2. Jyoti

    It is inspiring n helpful.

    1. Trisbrina Truscott

      Wonderful, Jyoti! Glad you found it helpful! Thank you for sharing!

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