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“We believe the KEY to unlock a life of unlimited possibilities can be found in the hidden power of the mind-body-spirit connection. Our mission is to empower others to find this KEY, awaken their full energy potential and design an extraordinary life.”~ Tristan & Sabrina Truscott

What is Satori Method?

Satori Method is a unique, innovative process for lasting personal transformation that allows you to achieve whatever goals you are reaching for and ultimately, to reach your highest potential.

By integrating and aligning the untapped power of the mind-body-spirit connection, you’ll unleash an ENERGY exponentially greater than the sum of its parts.

This easy-to-follow method shows you how incorporating simple, yet powerful changes in your everyday life, can activate this ENERGY leading to greater Health, Love, Productivity, Prosperity and Spiritual Connection.

How is Satori Method Different?

Beyond merely understanding that we have a Body, a Mind, and a Spirit… the fundamental realization of Satori Method is the recognition that only by addressing and integrating ALL of these components can true and lasting change happen.

Unblock The Hidden Energy Within
Your Body!

Unleash The Hidden Power Within
Your Mind!

Unlock The Hidden Wisdom Within
Your Heart!

Integrate All Three To Create A Life
You Love!

The Journey So Far…

Trisbrina TruscottTogether, Tristan and Sabrina (the Founders of Satori Method) have a combined 70 years of experience in three core disciplines, namely martial arts, the performing arts and meditation. Additionally they have 25+ years teaching these arts and branches of related disciplines, including qigong, yoga, healing and mind-body fitness. After many years of personal study, teaching, and working with students in their individual practices, Tristan and Sabrina realized that there was a correlation between the overwhelm in their students learning dance and martial arts, and the overwhelm in people interested in making a change in their lives – too much information – too many moving parts – without a unified goal. But, even though its roots lie in a single moment of realization, Satori Method is actually the result of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Tristan and Sabrina started working together and combining their teaching experiences in a Personal Transformation Academy in Austin, TX with the goal of finding the best way for people to make true and lasting changes in their lives. Under the guise of a martial arts school, they created their own (laboratory) in which they and their students were able to delve into the hidden secrets of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Not settling for just well-researched scientific breakthroughs or time-honored ancient practices, they tested and researched with real people in real-life situations. Thousands of hours spent helping people hack their lives, cutting corners and getting greater results than they’ve gotten before and faster than they imagined possible. After three decades of helping their students turn dead ends into miraculous breakthroughs, they’ve done all the heavy lifting and hard work so you can reap the rewards.

Essentially, Tristan and Sabrina took the juiciest and most powerful findings from their transformation academy and created their Mind-Body-One process to help people construct a clear path for themselves. The Satori Method has evolved over the years, and much like a complete system of dance or martial arts, this personal development system empowers people to map out and navigate their transformation journey by incorporating the many personal growth modalities into a sensible, easy to follow process – one that invites the most powerful and effective tools and rejects those which aren’t necessary or helpful.

Meaningful Milestones

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Meet The Founders

Tristan Truscott

Sabrina Truscott

Our Transformation Partners

Rather than starting from scratch, the Satori Method encourages you to embrace what you have found works and use that as a strong foundation. So not only do you get the “best of the best” tools and practices that we’ve found, but when used in concert with Satori Method, even tools that didn’t previously live up to your expectations start producing amazing results.

Below are just a few of the amazing thought leaders whose work is completely compatible with the Satori Method – so much so that we consider them transformation partners in our own life’s work:

John Assaraf


Natalie Ledwell

Mind Movies

Peter Ragnar

The Longevity Sage

Christy Whitman

Quantum Success

Dr. Joe Vitale

Mr. Fire

Jennifer McLean

Healing with the Masters

Rikka Zimmerman

Adventures In Oneness

Bob Doyle

Boundless Living

Nick Polizzi

The Sacred Science

Nick Ortner

The Tapping Solution

Dawn Clark

International Best-Selling Author

Andy Shaw

A Bug-Free Mind

Sonia Ricotti

Lead Out Loud

Amish Shah

Project Yourself

Karl Moore

Self-Growth Author

Dr. Dawson Church

EFT Universe

Margaret Lynch

Wealth Manifestation Coach

Alan Davidson

Enlightened Tapping

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Origins: Qigong Expert

Arielle Ford

Love & Relationship Expert

Cindy Kubica

Energy Health Coach

Garin Barder

CoreForce Energy


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