We’re Trisbrina : )

Our lives are 100% dedicated to sharing with the
world the keys we’ve discovered to vibrant
 health, well-being and happiness. 

Our mission is to help others find their way back to wholeness and unconditional love through our energy method.

We love helping those attracted to our work fully awaken to the vibration of unconditional love — and each and everyday shape that love into vibrant health, conscious wealth, beautiful relationships and the spiritual wisdom that guides them on their path.

Through our online classes and courses we empower people to harness the transformative potential of their own life-force energy and support them in creating their best life.

Our mission is to help others find their way back to wholeness and unconditional love through our energy method.

Healing Is More Than Our “Job” —

It’s Our Life Purpose

Pain is no stranger to us. Both of us have faced tremendous amounts of it — physical, mental and emotional.
But joy and vibrant health is everyone’s birthright and natural state of being.
Once we discovered how to heal, we knew our journey was meant to show us how to help others come back home to wellness.
We’re a team and we’re on your side. The combination of our specialties will help you unlock your own capacity to achieve profound and lasting wellbeing.
Our mind-body-energy approach (Satori Method) is our life. We don’t offer any techniques or solutions we haven’t used ourselves. In fact we eat our own cooking and use our method in our own lives each and every day.
As a couple in our 50’s, this method is how we maintain our health, vitality and connection to love — and it’s our greatest joy to show you how to use it to thrive, too.
This is how it all started…

From Crippling Pain

To Energy Mastery

Tristan was the head of his own martial arts dojo in Austin, Texas. He dedicated his whole life to wellness and training.
But one day everything changed. He was teaching a lesson at his dojo when his body betrayed him… unexpectedly, it gave in on him.
Tristan suffered a back lesion — the pain was so intense, he couldn’t even walk out.
This moment turned his life around. Simple tasks like going from his bed to the bathroom became insurmountable obstacles.
After almost 5 years, he had tried every therapy under the sun — massage, chiropractors and even spent $90K in surgery. But nothing truly worked.
The pain and the helplessness became unbearable.
That’s when Tristan made a deal with the Divine: “If you show me a way out of this pain, I’ll dedicate my life to teach others how to heal themselves, too.”
Shortly after, he stumbled across a flyer advertising Qigong classes.
At that point, he had nothing left to lose. He enrolled, and to his surprise, he started actually healing.
Little by little, his body was awakening again — and on a particular occasion when he focused on the energy of his heartspace, he felt something that was nothing short of a miracle…
His energy dissolved the blockages along his lower back, and his feet started tingling.
That’s when he knew.
There’s a way out of the pain. There’s a path to healing. A road back to wholeness.
After his complete recovery, he had no doubt what his true purpose in life was:
To help others heal. To develop a complete and comprehensive healing system that incorporates age-old energetic modalities, adapted for the modern world…


The “Invisible” Pain

While Tristan had his biggest breakthrough because of physical pain, Sabrina experienced her deepest revelation through emotional and mental pain.
Being a professional actress and dancer in the competitive environment of New York and Los Angeles, she internalized the narrative of perfectionism – feeling that she had to “earn” love through achievement.
This state of constant searching left her empty, without even knowing why.
Unlike physical pain, society teaches us to ignore mental struggles, to “toughen up” facing emotional pain.
It’s a pain that becomes “invisible” — but Sabrina felt the effects every day.
She was also there with Tristan every step of the way during his healing journey.
And she endured the pressure and stress of being the rock, the caregiver of someone with a disabling injury.
But her deep quest for purpose and joy guided her to explore her inner world through meditation, personal development and self-expression.
It was this revealing journey that allowed her to discover the most transformative power there is – unconditional self-love.
Always enthusiastic about health and movement, she joined forces with Tristan to create a path for others to heal, grow and thrive.

A Time-Tested
Wholistic Method

Together we perfected a wholistic energy mapping method to heal and up-level people’s lives by combining contemporary movement modalities and ancient energy disciplines with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience.
That’s how Satori Method was born.

It draws from both of our backgrounds and experiences over decades with healing physical, emotional, and mental pain.

This method addresses all the multiple facets of the human experience so that people can thrive as the most vibrant expression of themselves.

The S.A.T.O.R.I. Energy Mapping System

After Tristan‘s complete healing Trisbrina went on a mission to see if they could reverse engineer the exact steps they had taken to not only heal his back, but also open doors that led to golden business opportunities in their life.
Much like Bruce Lee created a system of integrated martial arts (punching, kicking, trapping and grappling), they started mapping all the different mind-body-energy tools, techniques and modalities they had studied over the last 30 years.
As they retraced Tristan’s healing steps they identified a set of select exercises – the exercises created a state of body and mind alignment – and when applied in a specific sequence, they could quickly replicate the energy experience he felt during his initial healing period.
It was very exciting, so they decided to use their martial arts dojo and online energy healing school as a laboratory to see if others could follow this specific sequence and replicate similar energy and healing experiences.

S.A.T.O.R.I Method™ Energy Map

It was a huge success! People from all over the world started reporting incredible breakthroughs following their recipe (some were from their local dojo, but to their surprise most were through their online school). These mounting healing and life-changing results have been astonishing! (Read more >>)

Today their energy system is taught to students around the globe. Their method (utilizing the acronym S.A.T.O.R.I.) shows you how to unblock energy pathways that get disrupted and clogged throughout the body and then activate your healing superpowers that lie dormant within!
Over the last 10 years of testing their approach, with thousands of people, they have taken the method beyond energy techniques for healing alone and developed a comprehensive ‘energy mapping system’ that shows you how to unleash your life-force energy into all areas of life, including relationships, business expansion, financial abundance and profound states of mystical awareness (aka SATORI).

Our Path To

Lasting Healing

Energy is the key

By raising the energy levels in your body, you’ll be able to impact all areas of your life, such as Health, Love, Productivity, Prosperity and Spiritual Connection.

through the body

Moving life-force though our body is key to unblocking stuck or stagnant energy and correcting the imbalances that keep our energy trapped in the tissues!

Unconditional Love

Loving ourselves fully it’s our natural state of being. Satori Method shows you how to unlock profound levels of healing, joy and abundance.

A Two-Decade Energy Quest

Without knowing it at first, we stepped on the path of energy healing a long time ago.
From our beginnings in martial arts, dance and fitness, we started cultivating the expertise that gave way to the creation of Satori Method.
And 30 years later, there’s one thing we know for sure…
Every step of our journey prepared us to fulfill our purpose: helping you awaken your own life-force energy!

That’s why we celebrate each milestone in our journey — because every event in our lives brought us closer to you… 

Tristan Opened the Largest Martial Arts School in Austin, TX
Sabrina Opened her Dance-Fitness School in Austin, TX
Tristan’s Crippling Back Injury took place
Satori Method was born 5 years later
Release of our 1st DVD Course, “Art of Mushin Meditation”
Opened the Online Satori Method Academy
Opened the Doors to the Virtual Life-Force Dojo
Offered the 1st Virtual Qigong Certification
Launched The Trisbrina Show
Launched the 3-Day Business Bootcamp
Released the Life-Force Coach Certification
Now, we’ll help YOU step into vibrant wellbeing!

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