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A Night Of Mystical Music (scroll below for the video)

Several months ago we met a wonderful musical composer, Craig Young. His music wowed us and we quickly became friends. 

Craig creates soundtracks that facilitate a powerful connection to your heart, and help you align to elevated states of consciousness.

When we play his music during our classes people absolutely LOVE it and feel their hearts opening. (his music is embedded with 432Hz heart activating sound frequencies – the “Natural Frequency of the Universe”).

SOoooo this week, Craig is the first guest we’ve ever had on The Trisbrina Show! Yep, it’s a big deal and you’re invited to come and meet Craig, listen to some of his incredible music, learn a few Qigong moves and hang out with the Satori Tribe.

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Below is our most recent episode of The Trisbrina Show – it’s a Mini-Workshop for Lung and Respiratory Health!!


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