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Banish physical, mental and emotional pain and attain profound wellbeing with the power of your own vital ENERGY!

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A True Path To

Vibrant Health And Wholeness

Most healing modalities out there focus on a single aspect of your being.

They give you:

a) pills and potions for your body,
b) therapies for your mind, or
c) spiritual practices separate from everything else.
Even most personal development techniques are dedicated exclusively to the mind — ie. visualization, thought repatterning or affirmations to name a few.

Which in our experience ultimately leaves you feeling fragmented…

Unable to know what to make of the different physical, mental and emotional symptoms that keep coming back — robbing you of your most vibrant and fulfilled self.

That’s why we take a different approach: Through The Body, you’ll awaken your own vital life-force energy to address the root cause of the issues (in the tissues), and thrive as a whole.

Our greatest joy is to show you how to unleash the dormant healing force of the universe that lies trapped within your body!

If you’re looking to unlock your body’s natural healing potential, strengthen your immune system, feel younger and lighter inside, upgrade your relationships, even expand your business — then you’re going to want to keep reading…

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Meet Your Guides

To Boundless Vitality

Both Tristan and Sabrina have dedicated their lives to health, fitness and wellbeing. Sabrina as a competitive ballroom dancer and mind-body fitness teacher, Tristan as a Sensei and head of his own martial arts dojo.
But it all changed after Tristan suffered a crippling back injury while teaching a self defense clinic at his dojo — the night it happened the pain was so intense, he had to be carried out from his school.
This moment completely turned their lives around. After almost 5 years, they had tried every therapy under the sun — massage, chiropractors, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy and even a $90,000 surgery. But nothing truly worked.
The pain and the helplessness became unbearable.

One desperate evening during Tristan’s ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ — the night he considered his “exit strategy” — Tristan made a Deal with the Divine: “If you show me a way out of this pain, I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to teach others how to heal themselves, too.”

Shortly after this life-altering evening, Tristan stumbled across a Qigong (energy arts) workshop. Even though very skeptical, he enrolled, and to his surprise, he started actually healing.
After his complete recovery, both Tristan and Sabrina made it their life purpose to develop a complete and comprehensive healing and wellbeing system that incorporates age-old energetic modalities — but also adapted for the modern world…
And from this life purpose Satori Method was born.

A True Path To Vibrant Health

A Tap Into Your Body's Energetic Wisdom

You’d love to free yourself from chronic pain — you know that there must be a way back to wholeness, but you’ve tried countless therapies without finding lasting relief.

You’d love to live a vibrant life, no matter your age. Increase longevity and kickstart your body’s own anti-aging mechanism for a youthful and radiant body, inside and out.

You want to scoop up your child or grandkid and toss them on your hip without wondering if you might "throw your back out."

You’re looking to increase your physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and bone density with fun and doable techniques!

You’re searching for natural ways to break the chains of stress. Stop the looping thoughts that keep you worrying about things out of your control, and tap into your intuition for the perfect solution to every situation.

You want to wake up in the morning feeling full of life and charged with positive vibes that last the entire day... and then sleep like a snoring puppy all night!

You’re looking to sharpen your mind. Say goodbye to mental fog, lethargy and lack of focus!

You want to feel and look younger. Toss aside the ideas society has about what is possible (or not) at a specific age.

You want to power up and recharge your days — Boost your immune system, naturally raise your energy levels and tap into restorative sleep every night.

You long to feel “at home” in your body — stop feeling dissociated from your life and disconnected from yourself, and start enjoying wholeness, peace and safety.

You want to heal a relationship or start ‘being the energy’ that you want to attract.

You want to bring wholeness and healing to others, with a thriving business that brings you the abundance and freedom you desire.

Ancient Traditions

For The Modern Day

Satori Method blends ancient energy healing arts such as Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation with contemporary breakthroughs in neuroscience and today’s best fitness modalities.
During your practice, you’ll tap into what we call “moving meditation.” Our unique blending approach makes it a potent catalyzer of wholistic wellness for body, mind and soul.
Thanks to this approach, you’ll not only tap into the power of profound physical healing and mystical meditation experiences – but your mental and emotional life upgrades will happen faster – and with much less effort!
Get ready because with the revolutionary Satori Method approach you can tap into total mind-body vitality and restoration, in just minutes a day!

What People Are Saying

About Satori Method

"Tristan and Sabrina are masters of teaching others how to show up in a fun, authentic way that connects and moves people into taking inspired action. I’ve watched them grow and help thousands of people do the same. I couldn’t recommend them any more than saying, ‘they are the best." ~ John Assaraf (CEO NeuroGym™ & Feature Teacher from The Secret)

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Peter and Tristan’s amazing new Qigong program! I love its simplicity and pacing, making it easy for me to understand and fit into my schedule, and yet, as simple as it is, there’s clearly a profound wisdom in the process. More than anything, I love how I feel when I’ve done the program. I highly recommend it!” ~ Nick Ortner (Founder of The Tapping Solution)

"Tristan is the best Qigong teacher out there. When Tristan shared this with me, I felt as if I was entering into another dimension of heightened senses… it was mystical, yet grounding - I felt more alive, aligned and focused. And now Qigong is a part of my daily routine! Whether you want to heal physical pain, feel stuck in life or want to tap into your full potential - this is perfect for you!" ~ MaryEllen Tribby (CEO Centerpointe Research Institute)

MaryEllen Tribby

CEO Centerpointe Research Institute

"I've been adding your Good Morning Qigong routine to my morning EFT tapping routine, and the two work together great!" ~ Dawson Church (EFT Universe and Founder of National Institute for Integrative Healthcare)

"You two are seriously the most FUN and most REAL presenters/teachers/leaders I've ever had the pleasure of watching. THANK YOU for all you do in the world to bring love, light and healing. And to walk your talk, to truly lead by example with humility and authenticity…. your energy individually and together is so CLEAN!!" ~ Mari Smith (Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant)

“Sensei Tristan Truscott has decades of experience helping untold numbers of folks reach deeper levels of meditation and inner peacefulness. I highly recommend his Art of Mushin meditation program for anyone looking to begin or deepen their meditation practice.” ~ Peter Ragnar (Qigong Master & Internationally Recognized Author)

“Sensei Tristan’s Mushin mindset is phenomenal! We recently had a situation in the hospital where a patient was reacting to the medicine our department gave them. This is a life-threatening event and it is so important to be calm as the physician on the scene. Mushin meditation kicked in because of the training and I was able to take in all of the options and treat the patient exactly how they needed, no more, no less. The nurses were amazed!” ~ Dr. Lori Barr (The Doctor's Mentor)

"Being part of the energy conversation, I had heard about Qigong for years… but using Tristan’s program was my first experience of really FEELING it. Like “Oh My God.” Not just conceptually, but really feeling it in my hands. It was just an amazing experience. It gave me a whole new experience of the Universe…. That we can actually CONTROL energy, not that it’s just all around us. I could not recommend it more highly." ~ Bob Doyle (International Speaker & Featured Teacher from The Secret)

"I was in the studio today and the very last video I needed to record was important and I was also getting tired. I couldn't get the words out. So I did your Qigong! I came back more focused and my energy was exactly where I needed and wanted it to be. THANK YOU!" ~ Christy Whitman (New York Times Author & Transformational Teacher)

"If you’re truly passionate about amping up your energy levels and consistently engaging your highest levels of thought consciousness then Satori Qigong: The Flow Form is in my opinion... A Must Have Course!" ~ Garin Bader (Creator of CoreForce Energy)

"Imagine being coached by 2 of the most successful online entrepreneurs who have used video as their magic technique for incredible success. THEN add in a dash of an established actress who KNOWS how to interact with the camera and how to help you seriously up your game on video. Then throw in a pinch of deep integrity and a profound gift of intuition… this rare expertise is what you’ll receive when you work with Tristan and Sabrina." ~ Jennifer McLean (Healing & Wellness Entrepreneur)

Jennifer McLean

“The Art of Mushin is an amazing course on meditation from my friend and mentor, Tristan Truscott.”  ~ Chris Sajnog (Retired Navy SEAL Chief and Best-Selling Author)

"Sabrina and Tristan have given myself and my community insider secrets of not only showing up as a professional, but more importantly, connecting with those we were created to serve. Every time they share, I pick up another strategy that allows me to show up as I'm being called to do in this world. I am so grateful for them and the gifts that they share. Not only have they allowed me to multiply my income, but they've given me a fast path to multiply my impact." ~ Kim Walsh Philips (Founder of Powerful Professionals)

“Tristan Truscott – you are the most fabulous, clever, eloquent and brilliant coach (and just person) that there has ever been!! I have been floating since our call last night. The stuff you came out with was incredible! It’s verbal gold dust. I just love it and I am so flipping’ grateful, it’s untrue. I could never have found someone who is so brill and is turning what I’m doing inside out. I think I’ll have to get a trademark on it all because it’s going to be so mega. I am very, very grateful and very excited.” ~ June Burgess (High Performance Business Coach)

"Sabrina and Tristan are not only masters of raising the energy and the vibration of any room that they walk into, but they are masters of taking that energy and pushing it through the screen so it connects with their audience!" - Justin Guarini (Runner-Up 1st Season of American Idol™, CEO of Profit Under Pressure, Performer, Coach and Speaker)

Cindy kubica
To have a successful business, coaching is an absolute must. We've had many business coaches over the years. While they have helped us grow our business in various ways, none of them have helped at the level Tristan & Sabrina Truscott have. What makes their approach so different? Conscious Creative Heart. Their strategies are a blend of creative and masterful cutting edge innovations, yet they never forget the ultimate reason we are doing what we do—to be of service to others  ~ Cindy Kubica (Speaker, Author & Summit Host)

“This is a such a gift!!! I was going through a major transition in my life and this series helped me get through that period and become more present and grounded in the process. The more I listened, the more profound and grounded my experience became. My meditations have grown even deeper as I continue to listen to this very special program. Thank you Tristan!!!" ~ JP Newman (CEO, Thrive FP)

“This the most beautiful Meditation collection I have ever watched and listened to over the last couple of years. Whether you are just beginning a meditation practice or a seasoned meditator, I highly recommend this collection to everyone who would like to enhance their lives.” ~ Dana Gribi (Martial Arts Enthusiast)

“Satori Coaching has given me a new perspective on foundations that I built my own counseling practice on; it has allowed me to find a deeper honesty about my own intentions, motives and ways to clear the blocks to levels of success that before were only enjoyed in areas of idea. It helped me to incorporate action, not just ideas, into living life rather than just thinking about it.” ~ Jonathan Anderson, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)

“Since beginning not only am I managing stress better, but I feel more empowered in my body. I have lived with Chronic Pain for over 10 years and find the Qigong practice especially beneficial in managing that as well as other symptoms.” ~ Nancy A. Harding, LPC (Licensed Psychotherapist)

“Sensei Tristan helped me to be a better therapist. I have always focused more on the academic side of things, looking for new methods, techniques, theories, because I thought it would make me more competent and effective in my work. Yet the more I learned, the more I wanted to know and always felt there was something still lacking. Through Sensei Tristan’s Life Coaching, I learned skills that helped me discover the power of Presence. I always knew “about” presence and it’s place as a cornerstone to effective therapy, but had never truly experienced it in this way before.” ~ Jiovann Carrasco, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)

“I was having increased back problems for about 6 months. Sharp pains in my lower back that got so bad I could barely move and I couldn’t sleep. I was in constant pain and it was getting pretty serious and affecting every aspect of my life. The pain would literally paralyze me at times and I felt completely shut down. Tristan showed me a series of Martial Yoga movements that took me from immobility to absolutely no pain whatsoever within about a week. Even the day after I began I noticed considerable improvement. I haven’t had back pain since” ~ John Gibson (Video Producer, Filmmaker, Content Creator)

“Sensei Tristan… I’m grateful for the many hours of counseling/wisdom you have graced me with, and I’m grateful for the wonderful example you are to me (I’ve had very few people in my life that have been good examples that I could follow and learn through), and I’m most grateful for the direction my life is headed… Thank you.” ~ Cheryl Featherstone (Mother, Martial Arts Teacher)

"Working with Tristan has been utterly transformational! Tristan's true genius is in his ability to start where you are and methodically guide you to places you didn't know were possible!"

~ John & Chris Yax (Yax Yoga Concepts)

Discover Satori Method And Experience

What Radiant Well-Being Feels Like

Turn chronic pain into holistic wellness

– without the side effects. Banish aches, stiffness and inflammation in a natural way – say hello to joint mobillity, muscle strength, better bone density and ageless flexibility!
Unlock your body’s unlimited fountain of energy and vitality. Enjoy youthful health and appearance at any age.

Bring emotional balance into your life and Relationships.

– say goodbye to reactive patterns and chronic “fight, flight or freeze” triggers in the body!
Stop struggling, start flowing. Elevate the quality of your life in areas like relationships, vocation or abundance once you uplevel your own energy and show up as your true, authentic self.
Tap into your true nature. Experience joy, bliss, mystical moments and unconditional self-love on a daily basis.

What People Are Saying

About Satori Method

“I am on the road to excellent health”

“I have been breathing steroids for 10 years. After I finished Good Evening Qigong, the lung heaviness lifted, but soon it was tough to breathe. I coughed so hard it was like real ab work out. After about an hour I used the inhaler once and went to bed. I did the morning routine and made it through the day with no problems. Got off work and walked up a Eureka Springs hill and finished my Good Evening set. I am so very grateful to you, Peter, Sabrina and your team. I am on the road to excellent health. Interesting how detoxing feels. I felt a little unplugged today – NO INHALER!” ~ Lynne Sterling

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Hey — your healing journey is also about having fun too!

Tapping into ancient wisdom doesn’t mean boring or serious.
You don’t have to become a silent monk to reap the countless health benefits…
Vibrant health includes laughing, staying playful and goofing around. We laugh loudly, laugh often, and we laugh at ourselves!
When you join Satori Method, you’re part of the family. We’re a tight-knit community of souls on a mission to elevate our well-being together.
Join our amazing community for the inspiration, support, and kindred kindness to propel your wellness journey!
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