Walking Meditation – 3 Steps

Join Tristan on a 5 minute walk where he literally walks you through how to integrate meditation into a simple walk around the block. 

By remaining aware of the focus of your attention, you can integrate your body, your breath and an open focus of everything going on around you into a sweet meditative walk.

Conquer Stress with Meditation

If you enjoyed this or if you tried it on your own walk, please feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Robin

    Thank you so very helpful ????????

    1. Trisbrina

      Thank you for saying that Robin!

  2. Marg

    I enjoyed your walking meditation. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Thanks.

    1. Trisbrina

      Hi Marg, I enjoyed it too! 🙂 So grateful I got to share it with you.

  3. Elizabeth St John

    I am living right in the middle of Central London UK….its a challenge!!!

    1. Trisbrina

      Hi Elizabeth! I agree it’s super easy in a beautiful garden, but it’s also tremendously rewarding when we learn to do it regardless of the outer circumstances. If you can walk in meditation through a garbage dump and, through practice, learn to see the beauty in the things around you — that’s when you aren’t asking life to be any particular way for you to experience peace and joy. That’s the real Secret!!

  4. Carrie Gladue

    Thanks Tristan, I love being present when I walk. It makes such a difference on how refreshed I feel as opposed to walking with an agenda for what needs to be done! I’m learning that taking the time to be present is more full filling and enjoyable than just fluttering through life. Thank you for the amazing reminder!

    1. Trisbrina

      Thanks for sharing that Carrie! It’s so easy to throw away these beautiful moments going over our ‘to do’ list for the 12th time. But it’s just as easy to choose this. 🙂

  5. Adie

    Great video how do you mix this in while walking the dog and having to be aware of where he is etc. Having said that I do feel more inspired to be more mindful when walking and staying out of the mind

    1. Trisbrina

      Great question, Adie! In fact, I’m usually walking a dog or two and they are a great opportunity. Think of them like those distracting thoughts that try to intrude if you’re just sitting down trying to meditate. Those thoughts try to run all over the place. So do the dogs. 🙂 The trick isn’t to try and change them into something other than dogs. But you have the leash. They may wander a little but you guide them back to the path. 🙂 Sounds like a good way to treat thoughts in meditation… with the same love that you guide your dog. Thank you for that question!

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