Sometimes our settings or circumstances on the outside are so beautiful and inspiring that remembering the beauty within is easy – almost automatic.

But what about when that’s not the case? On a recent walk, Tristan shares how our ideas – even beautiful ideas – can be a distraction from what’s REALLY beautiful in our lives.

Correct energy blocks and get into the FLOW

How about for you?  Has that ever been your experience?  Where the ‘remembers’ pull you out of the beauty of the actual moment?

Or have you found what works for you?  What states of beauty on the outside seem to make feeling those states on the inside easier?  When you find those things, use them. Treasure them.

They make it easy to awaken more deeply to your inner experience and what that feels like inside.

And then, when those moments of outer beauty and ‘ease’ aren’t happening, you’ll remember that just because the outer reflection isn’t there, doesn’t mean the inner beauty isn’t still happening.

That’s an illusion. That’s like believing that because you put your mirror in a drawer, your face has gone away.

Nope. Your face is still there.

So let’s allow ourselves to experience the beauty that’s always waiting for us in this moment.

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