How To Monetize Your Passion

If you build it, they will come” — GREAT movie — TERRIBLE ADVICE for marketing your business!

That’s because in business, there are a lot of moving pieces that have to become ‘aligned’ together before “they will come.”

But in this training, we’re going to share our Alignment Strategy to let you figure out all these pieces and how they move together. We call it our “4-Part Process to Monetize Any Skill or Passion.” 

From our own experience, we’ve learned that business success is a blend of:

  1. What you’re selling,
  2. What unique qualities and skills you have to offer,
  3. Who you are selling it to, and
  4. What problem(s) you’re helping them solve.

All 4 of those things have to be aligned in order for it to all work together.

Ideally, it’s all framed out BEFORE you create/design what you want to sell, but we’ve also worked with people that had 3 of those 4 things rockin’ BUT still needed help in ONE quadrant for the whole thing to start working and really take off!

That’s why in this training episode wanted to break it down for you and make it really simple. You’re about to learn our 4-part strategy on ‘How To Monetize Your Passion’. It’s packed with examples and insights to help you establish a lucrative business doing what you LOVE!

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Want a free copy of our “Monetize Your Passion Worksheet”?

Use this worksheet as a companion to the video training. It helps you walk through our “4-Part Process to Monetize Your Passion” — it’s great for taking notes and brainstorming ideas as you’re going through the training with us.

Seriously, you can use this worksheet as an “alignment test” to see the best way to turn any passion, skill or hobby into a business opportunity.

Download this free worksheet HERE, and start monetizing your passion today!


There’s a lot of great information in this show – but if you want the “cliff notes” version of what we covered, here’s a quick recap:

For a business to succeed, there are FOUR things that must be in alignment:

#1 – Start With A Passion! (Minute Marker 03:57)
What are the things that really light you up? The things that you enjoy that you would do even if no one was paying you?

Because even if you find something that OTHER people love, for you to stick with it, YOU have to love it.

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. ~ George Burns

So start with thinking about what you love spending your time doing.


#2 – Process/Skill (Minute Marker 05:12)
Next, think about what unique skills or qualifications you can bring to the table.  Don’t limit it to being associated with your passion for now, we’re just brainstorming.

What do you really excel at?  What’s your super power? Is there something your friends are always amazed at that you do? Maybe to you it seems normal, but to others it seems like a real talent?

Or have you come up with a unique process or blueprint for how to do something? Maybe something you haven’t put it into words, but you “have a system” that works? 

Anything you identify in this area and come up with a way to apply it to one of your passions… PURE GOLD!

#3 – PROBLEM (Minute Marker 07:34)
Does your passion and unique process or skill address a problem that people are willing to pay to solve?

The best way to answer that, is “are they already paying someone for it? Go on Amazon and search for books dealing with that topic.  Find anything? Do a Google search and see if any ads pop up.   Do you see any businesses that seem to be making money from it?

If so, you’ve got a winning combination.  You already know there’s a problem people are interested in solving and that they’re willing to pay to solve it.

If not, try to think of different ways of positioning what you can offer.  It might be as simple as finding one missing “keyword” to go from finding nothing, to finding a STRONG opportunity!

#4 – PEOPLE (Minute Marker 09:14)
Think of the people you really ENJOY! The people you want to hang out with, the people you want to spend time with and talk with.

Maybe it’s people that have a similar interest to you.  Maybe it’s people that have a similar problem to you. Maybe everyone is completely different except for the one way that you enjoy spending your free time.

List all the qualities of these people. These are the people you resonate with, that you want to spend your energy focusing on. So the best solution is coming up with a way of positioning of what you can offer that would be of value to these particular people.

Knowing this can help with targeting or marketing what you have to offer – because one solution can often be of value to multiple customer avatars, but you want to customize for the people that you really enjoy. That’s what’s going to give you the greatest emotional fulfillment in days when it might be a bit of a struggle – because you’re doing it to help people you really like.

There you have it, our ‘How To Monetize Your Passion’. Apply our alignment test to any passion, skill or hobby you’re excited about to see where the best business opportunity presents itself!

And remember to download the companion worksheet for this training: Monetize Your Passion Worksheet so you can take notes and jot down ideas while you’re going through the training with us!

BTW, if you’re on Facebook and you’d like to join the conversation from this episode, you can find that Show post here. We’d love to know if you heard something you liked or if you were inspired and got an idea of something you’re going to implement! Come say hi andfeel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the chat!


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