Create Your Own Success by Owning Your Future (with Dean Graziosi)

Dean Graziosi hosted a huge virtual event with a lot of the top names in the industry, but he took time to sit down with me to talk about creating your own success – and his new program. We had an amazing conversation where we discussed, among other topics:
  • Are you too old to re-invent yourself?
  • Is reinvention starting over from scratch?
  • How to get past the awkwardness of selling your knowledge
  • The opportunity that is available to everyone right now… because of the way the world has changed
Take a listen:
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Isn’t Dean great?

I loved the way he talks about pivoting failures and setbacks into the perfect position that you need in this exact moment for a trajectory of success!

In today’s world of uncertainly, there is such a temptation to looking toward what went wrong or what could go wrong, instead of focusing on what we’ve learned and the new possibilities.

And the way the world is changing! Going back to college may not be the answer for you, but learning on your own has never been easier.

They say “Knowledge is the new currency” but the truth is, it’s always been the currency… we’re only realizing it now.

And I loved that I got to talk to Dean about marketing. Something he said years ago really stuck with me (watch the video if you want to know what that was :)… but his take on “If you build it, they will not come” was so true.

It doesn’t matter how good something is… how revolutionary or how much time you’ve put into developing it… they will ONLY come if you learn how to market, persuade and influence someone to try it.

I know sometimes marketing is taken like it’s a “dirty word” but the way he re-positioned it into “You’re hurting them by not helping them” reminded me of that quote, “Sometimes all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

It was pretty powerful!


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