Success Is Your Destiny: Flowing With Success

Flowing With Success: A Guided Audio to Release Success Blocks 

Recently, in her article for Abundant Entrepreneurs called “What Is Blocking Your Success?” Sabrina presented The 5 Most Common Types of Blocks that are holding people back.

Along with the article, she created a brief guided audio that turned out so well we just HAD to share it with you!

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This guided audio will that will help remove all five of the biggest blocks to your success, including:

  • Voices of your parents and friends

    When we pick up programming blocks in our childhood, we tend to either 1) fall in line with them and accept them as our own, or 2) rebel against them.  Either way, they are still controlling our thoughts and blocking our success.

  • Ideas from the culture or society in which we were raised, that may no longer be appropriate to who we are

    Subconscious blocks are easy to pick up with all of the misquoted and misunderstood “spiritual teachings” that are designed to play down the importance of money, as well as society’s hype that money, fame and fortune are responsible for so much unhappiness

  • General feelings of self-judgment, low self-esteem, insecurities, and feelings of unworthiness

    People blocked by their own self-image feel as if OTHER people can do it but they can’t. They lack the belief in themselves and so question their own ability to handle success. From this place, taking any action becomes a struggle because it becomes and immediate war with their fear of failing.

  • Tendency to push things away instead of receiving

    The tide naturally flows in and out, as energy likes to move between people. Some people have no trouble giving, but habitually block what flows TO them instead of being open to receive it. (This problem is often rooted in feelings of unworthiness, as if they don’t deserve to be given anything.)

  • Blindness to seeing opportunities that are already there for you and (equally concerning) not knowing when or how to take action on those opportunities

    You see, our subconscious mind only feeds our conscious thoughts a small percentage of what it is taking in (about 5% at most.) Basically, what we have taught it is of interest and importance to us. And after years of success-blocking, our habits have trained the subconscious mind to only let us see the things that will continue to keep us unsuccessful.

Flowing With Success MP3

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Use this free guided audio to “Remove Your Blocks and Allow Success to Flow!”

We’ve also added brain entrainment technology that helps quickly get you into the proper brainwave frequency so that the positive affirmations and clearings have a more powerful effect.

Remember: There is no limit to success!! LET IT FLOW!!

Flowing With Success

Free Guided Audio: Listen & Release Your Success Blocks