Three Core Pillars of a Successful Business

We’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to events to speak in front of new and rising entrepreneurs, and OVERWHELMINGLY, when we ask them to think about starting or running their own business, the 2 things they feel are: EXCITEMENT and FEAR.

The excitement is in the lead (they are, after all, at these events.) But the fear is understandable. In fact, if you look at the statistics, they’re justified.

According to Forbes, most businesses don’t make ANY profit in their first year of business. In fact, most need 18-24 months before they see a profit.

The Small Business Administration reports that 25% of all new businesses fail in their first year

From what we’ve seen, most new businesses fail because they are missing one (or more) of what we call the Three Core Pillars.

And THAT’s why we’re doing these shows!

We’ve learned what you need to create the kind of business that makes you happy and makes you money.

And we’re here to share that with you.

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We know that’s a lot of information – but if you took notes from the show then you probably realized we broke everything down into these 3 Core Pillars:

Pillar #1 – Marketing
A lot of people get weirded out by the term “marketing.” It calls up images of sleazy marketing “gimmicks” and used car salesmen for a lot of people.

But marketing and advertising are all about raising awareness of your or your services. It’s like shining a spotlight on the problem you can help solve, or the transformation you can help provide.

That spotlight is the difference between being in a dark audience and being the star on-stage that has captured all the attention.

There are a LOT of ways you can raise awareness about a solution you might provide – without being sleazy! And we’re going to be sharing those with you.

But you want to always keep in mind that your focus is on letting people become aware of possiblities they might not have been aware of (or that they’ve forgotten or become numb to).

Knowing how to shine that spotlight and going from invisible to visible is half the battle.

The other half is in really connecting to your audience. There’s an art to that, but it’s definitely something you can learn. And the single-most important “shift” you can do right now – is to really CARE about your those people that need your help!

“Stop selling. Start helping.” – (ZigZiglar).

#2 – Mindset

Often, people get so involved in trying to get their business working, they forget why they’re doing it in the first place!

But it’s important to remember your “Why.”  Not only for you, but for your customers as well.

For you, your WHY is your Core Driver. That’s what’ll keep you going during the rough patches.

For your customers, it’s often the very thing that attracts them to YOU in the first place.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – (Simon Sinek)

 We find that often people will find that they’re able to step out of their head and into their heart by looking at one (or more) of these 3 areas:

  • A Pivotal Life Moment when they went from being a MESS to having a MISSION
  • Realizing that what they HAD (no matter how great), was not their CALLING
  • Seeing themselves as the PROVIDER or PROTECTOR and realizing their own strength and what they can bring to the table

#3 – Moolah

Obviously, you can’t have a successful business without money. But there’s often a lot of mental confusion when it comes to the financial side of things.

And often SUCCESS in business comes down to getting your head right about money.

Some people say, “It’s all about the money. Without money, you can’t run a business.

Others say, “It’s not about the money, it’s about the quality of life.

And they’re BOTH RIGHT because it’s all about perspective.”

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” – (P.T. Barnum)

Money is like oxygen. If you don’t have enough, it’s REALLY uncomfortable. But after a certain point, you just need the oxygen to be there to support you while you’re living your life.

Likewise, when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck (or worse), you can’t focus the way you should because your attention is all on the money. But when the money is there, it’s more about WHAT you’re doing that’s bringing you joy.

So we usually say, “Money isn’t everything.  But it’s IMPORTANT.”

If you watch the video, you’ll hear us share some of our own examples of our perspectives and realizations and how they’ve shifted and evolved along our journey. And hopefully, you’ll find inspiration for your own relationship with money.

Over the coming episodes, we’ll continue to look at each one of these pillars and share different tips, tricks and tactics we’ve discovered and use in our own business.

BTW, if you’re on Facebook and you’d like to join the conversation from this episode, you can find that Show post here. We’d love to know if you heard something you liked or if you were inspired and got an idea of something you’re going to implement! Come say hi and feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the chat!


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