The Incredible Power of Qi Gong

Life-force energy, or Qi, is invisible — or unseen.  Because of this, it is often regarded as something that is “subtle.”   But there is a misconception that because something is subtle, it is weak.

In this short video, National Geographic tests the “subtle” power of Qigong and the results are unbelievable. This fighting monk was able to withstand over 700LBs of strike force on his body simple through the power of Qigong! Not too subtle!!

Correct energy blocks and get into FLOW

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  1. Agnès

    Wouah……. This is amazing…. Very impressive…. Although I would favor learning the form of Art witch Peter describes where you establish your invincibility” just through your looking at your opponent and talking to him, this is anyway truly amazing….. I wonder about the stress inside this Master? He does not feel stress when submitted to such attacks?
    Anyway… I do have a long, long way to learn, but huge enthusiasm to do so…..
    Thank you for the inspiration

    1. Tristan

      Hi Agnes… the stress of the blow is blocked and dissipated by the energy field that the master puts around his body. Amazing skill indeed!

      Also I don’t believe he could create that kind of energy if there were any mental stress happening… it would interfere with his chi flow… which apparently was flowing very well for this demonstration! 🙂


  2. satori

    It sure is amazing! The power of Qigong is hard to grasp for many, but a demonstration like this really proves that this energy can be harnessed and then specifically directed in the body. It can be used for healing as well as protection from a blow like this. It can also be cultivated to enrich our lives by raising our energetic frequency to a vibration of pure love 🙂

  3. Steve

    The chi that was generated was that of martial arts chi such as the Shaolin monks cultivate for kung fu. It has a different sensation than that of chi generated from chi kung. I say this after having learned around 30 different styles of chi kung.

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