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Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers!

We were recently sifting through all of our stress relief research for an upcoming project and came across this brilliant audio presentation. It’s all about what really happens in our bodies when we’re stressed out….and it’s very funny and entertaining!

Because it’s so good, so fun, and SO relevant we want to share it with you.

Dr. Robert Sapolsky is a Professor of Neurology at Stanford University. His powerful message in a nutshell — stress kills us slowly by:

  • suppressing our immune system,
  • shutting down growth,
  • and eroding memory and the ability to learn.

We’re certain you’ll find his presentation (audio below) on the effects of stress on the human body and brain extremely enlightening.

Click the play button below to check it out… We think it will inspire you to “chill-ax” 🙂


A free download of this audio file can be found at: 

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Avatar

    Informative talk. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Avatar

    Chi-Quigong are very good to practice as it distresses the body. Yes I totally agree that stress effects our bodies and we have to take it easy. My problem is I like to do everything and not take a break and indeed I pay the price for it with my body abd health and my daughter warms me to take it easy.

  3. Avatar

    I meant to say Ch-Qigog is very good for a person not are very good. Grace

  4. Avatar

    Very informative! Stress is everywhere, and it has a cumulative effect to make physical conditions and diseases worsen, if not causing them in the first place. Thank you Tristan and Sabrina~

  5. Avatar

    Thanks, this was a great article. Useful and informative.

  6. Avatar
    Chris W

    Thank you for posting this very informative talk. Stress reduction through meditation is how I start my day.

  7. Avatar
    Monty Maizels

    I am 89 years-and-some-months old.

    I live alone, though quite close to where my wife of almost 60 years is in a home because she has Alzheimer’s Disease.

    I am healthy and on no medications, though I would not claim to be fit. Marathon running is certainly not on my agenda. Mentally OK. Between 2007 and 2009, I wrote a symphony (on computer) and have only just succeeded in remixing it on new software so that it has really good audio. I can solve the most difficult cryptic crosswords (well, mostly) — possibly because I get to understand the devious minds of the setters.

    I have no addictions, allergies or phobias. And there is only one thing which causes me stress.

    The sheer number of Health, and Mind-and-Spirit emails which flood my in-box daily, and sometimes more often than that from single sources. It would take more than 24 hours a day to listen or view all the content, and I need to have a life. As I have no real need to manifest more money, am slightly underweight and don’t need to find the love of my life, I have taken to deleting 80% unread and unopened—coolly and without stress or a backward glance of regret. I know where these are “coming from”.

    Fortunately, “Why Zebra Don’t Get Ulcers” made it into the 20%.

    Wonderful stuff.

    Thank you

    Monty Maizels
    Melbourne Australia

  8. Avatar

    hello! i want send my regards to you all for any thing – soad from libya .

  9. Avatar

    Thanks! and I’m enjoying my am/pm chi Qong DVD’s!

  10. Avatar

    Yep, this truly is an insightful and humorous presentation! Well worth the listen 😉

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