How To Look More Natural On Camera

In this video, I share a huge mistake that I see so many people making when filming their videos! This one boo-boo can make you come across as shady, awkward and untrustworthy.

The great news is that once I share this tip with you – it’s Super Easy to fix! You’ll immediately have better camera presence – and the charisma of your audience feeling a true connection.

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See how important that is? You HAVE to make eye contact with your viewers and speak directly to your audience. But most people miss out on this by not looking into the lens of the camera!

Just a simple lack of understanding where the lens of your camera is located can keep you from connecting authentically with your viewers. But after watching this video, you should be much more prepared and ready to present your best self!

After you try this, see how much greater your audience responds to you.  And when you stop looking at your own face when you’re talking, it can even affect your OWN experience.

So let us know if this tip helped you by leaving us a comment below. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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