Were You Expecting Flowers?

What Are You Planting?

Did you know that everything we do and every event that unfolds in our lives begins first as a mental image? ….. a picture in our mind that represents a belief, a hope or a dream. That picture is the ‘seed’ from which our actual experience ‘blossoms’.

All a flower needs to grow and bloom is to be planted in fertile soil.
Your subconscious mind is the most fertile soil there is! And whatever you are experiencing right now, is a direct result of images that you or others planted in your subconscious brain in the past. Your mind is taking pictures, every moment, of everything that happens around you and your thoughts and feelings about it. Some pictures become embedded in your subconscious and are encouraged to take root and flourish. What images are blossoming in your reality today? Our beliefs become our reality so let’s grow beautiful gardens of miraculous flowers!

Enjoy this beautiful time-lapsed video that demonstrates how we are constantly evolving and blossoming, even though we can’t see it all the time.

Much love to you on your journey,

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