Tristan’s story about how Good Morning Good Evening Qigong was developed comes to a close in this final chapter of “The Curious Tale of The Surfer Dude & the Longevity Sage.”

A Blessing

SabrinaTo some people, our adventures filming the Good Morning program may have seemed slipshod. But my wife, Sabrina, comes from a background in television and film and she assures me that, in her experience, no matter how carefully planned – all shoots are like this.

So we are actually really fortunate to have her as our director on this shoot.  She sets up the shots and sequences and is largely responsible for the “look and feel” of the production — always insisting we go for QUALITY (and not settle for having it look like we shot it in the back yard.)

I’m really proud of the quality of what we ended up with.

Anyway, if you think the Good Morning routine shoot was a Comedy of Errors, the Good Evening shoots were hilarious as well.

Cloudy Smoky MoonFirst, for these sessions, it won’t work to shoot outdoors.  We discover almost immediately that the varying light of the moon — with all the every-changing clouds and smoke from the fires — means  that our best option is to shoot inside Peter’s little zen cottage.

It actually serves as a really great set, conveying just the feel that we want for the Evening shoot.  Calm, intimate, settled.

Did I mention intimate?

RoomSpaceWhile they are ample-sized for sleeping, and even adequate for two grown men, moving in unison side-by-side… the problem comes when you want to have a video with our whole body in the frame.  By those standards, the room gets small quickly!

To get enough depth perception, the videographer has to stand in the bathroom–shooting out the bathroom door — just to get the camera back far enough for the shot. Lucky that Peter has a fold up bed.  And when I say, “fold up bed” I mean “a bed that Sabrina has us stand on its side and lean against the wall to give us room.” 😀

lightingIt also turns out that the changing moonlight is so strong that it affects the light in the room.  And, while it’s very beautiful and romantic, it doesn’t work for a video shoot.

For good lighting, as with most things, consistency is critical.

But that problem is easy to solve.  One quick trip to the hardware store for some duct tape and we tape the cottage windows to the wall so the light doesn’t affect the shot.

NoiseIt’s amazing how many little details like that pop up.  Simple nuances and choices that we make in order to bring you the best program we can.

Like the air conditioner in the room.  Of course, we have to turn that off so we don’t have to contend with THAT on the audio track later.  And Santa Fe, at that time of year — even when you’re NOT surrounded by fires…   Talk about sweat equity!Heat

But really, if you could see what’s right off camera… there we are… doing our Qigong routines… and 2 inches out of the shot is the bed standing on its side, Katrina huddled in one corner, Sabrina in another corner directing the shots and the videographer stuck in the bathroom filming the whole thing. And none of us can really move out of our little space without ruining the shot.

Mission accomplished!Shooting takes several days and each day we put Peter’s cottage back in order and then do the whole thing again the next evening.

Day after day, moment after moment… but at the end of the week.. it’s done! We’ve got the footage we need!  Mission accomplished!

Even today, I look back at my memories of that time and crack up!  It was hilarious!

And yet they remain some of my most cherished memories.

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  1. Suzanne

    It’s such a heart warming story! I love every minute of it and can only imagine the memories it holds for you all in your hearts. What an amazing product though and such a perfect way to remember the source!
    Love you guys so much!
    Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!

    1. Trisbrina Truscott

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, it was a great story that we wanted to share with you. So glad to hear that you appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Bonnie Clack


  3. Patti

    Beautiful story, I loved hearing it. The moral of this story for me is to know that life may have ups and downs in the process but it’s all good. Thanks Patti ❤️

    1. Trisbrina Truscott

      Thanks, Patti! So true! 🙂

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