Luck In the New Year

Many New Year’s traditions have to do with attracting luck, or warding off bad luck in the coming year. Here are the most popular[…]

Choose Happy!

Do you think it's true that some people are just born to be happy? What if you are not one of those people? […]

Flipping the Pain Switch

Millions of people know what it’s like to be in pain every day. If you've been suffering in silence do yourself a favor and try this […]

Trouble Sleeping? Need Help?

Are you having trouble falling asleep? It's pretty common. As a baby you might have slept "like a baby" but then as you age, things […]

Winning The Weight Loss Game

Learn the new brain science behind weight loss and discover how to permanently attain your ideal weight! [...]

All it Takes is 10-Minutes

Just 10 minutes of mindfulness can be an amazingly powerful tool for transformation in all areas of your life.[...]

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