Thank you for Registering for the SENSEI Experience!

BOOM! You’re in my brother! This short video below will give you the next step details about your upcoming event!

Below are the main things covered in this video:

β€’ Itinerary: The schedule is on the Event PDF here >>

β€’ Locations: We are training in three different places – be sure to download the Event PDF and print out a copy.

β€’ Accommodations: If you’re flying in from out of town we have listed our recommendations for where to stay that are close to the training locations.

β€’ Invite A Friend: If you have someone in mind who would be a great fit for this event please text me at 512-698-9591β€”let’s chat and then make an intro! TY!

β€’ Facebook Group: If you want to connect with other brothers before the event – and catch any of the minute by minute updates and pre-training tips GO HERE >>


To help you prepare yourself and your body for the Life-Force Energy training I encourage you to go through the following Energy Essentials videos so you understand some of the fundamentals of Qigong energy work. FYI, you do not need to purchase the program offered on that page – I got you there. And remember to do your best to take care of yourself leading up to the event – get enough rest (especially a few days before we start), hydrate well and stick to a clean diet for at least 7 days prior. You got this!

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