Tired of being exhausted, achy, or stiff… AND quick fixes that don’t work?

The 9 Essential “Energy Exercises” to Clear Toxic Blocks in Your Body and Rejuvenate Your Health

In three simple lessons, start healing your body using your own energy with the ancient art of Qigong

Qigong for beginners

Unlock Vitality with these 9 Essential “Energy Exercises”

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Tristan Truscott & Sabrina

In this lesson, you'll discover...

How to unlock the life force inside your breath and draw it into your power center for greater vitality (you'll find yourself with the energy to play with your kids or grandkids, go for a swim, and garden without pain again)

Why your hands are key to releasing the "energetic debris" you accumulate during the day from stress, negative situations, and ambiental disruptions for a deeper sense of calm

The "Swiss Army" moving meditation combines breath, movement, and mindful awareness to help you tap into a state of flow and allow your joints to move freely.

How to wake up stagnant chi and recalibrate the quality of energy moving through you so you can access more joy, bliss, and happiness - while staying grounded and peaceful

The right technique to flood your tissues with the oxygen and nutrients they need and activate your power center to sharpen your memory and cognition (say goodbye to brain fog)

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Ancient Techniques, Modern Relief

This 3-part lesson harnesses the power of centuries-old Qigong practices to restore vitality, banish fatigue, and revitalize stiff joints.

Each exercise works quickly to clear toxic energy blocks, and disruptions left unattended, draining your life-force - and causing dis-ease.

The best part? Anyone can do this - you'll follow along with a concise step-by-step video that gives you 9 Essential Energy Exercises to heal yourself and skyrocket your well-being — FAST!

The Energy Healing Journey

With Tristan & Sabrina Truscott

As a Black Belt teacher, Tristan mastered martial arts and the mind-body-spirit connection. He led his own thriving Martial Arts Academy in Austin, Texas. However, a crippling back injury forced Tristan to end his martial arts career in the year 2000.

After five years of intense pain and an unsuccessful $90,000 surgery by the best doctors, Tristan had no solution in sight. He even thought about ending it all…

Until he finally had a breakthrough that helped him reclaim his health and teach again:

He discovered Qigong.

This ancient practice led him on a journey to develop a unique approach to energy work that mixes ancient wisdom with modern science – using short, simple routines that fit even the busiest schedule.

Today, along with his wife Sabrina, he teaches people their Satori Method™ – a breakthrough body-mind-aligned system for physical healing, energy clearing and conscious manifestation.

Qigong for beginners

Unlock Vitality with these 9 Essential “Energy Exercises”

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