Lower Your Body Fat

A healthy weight loss approach can be valuable in establishing greater health and energy reserves. It is a key component to Anti-Aging!

We believe you can drop unwanted body fat without suffering rigid dietary restrictions. It is not uncommon for even older folks to shed pounds of unwanted fat that they’ve carried around for decades. Sadly, studies from the American Obesity Association indicate that two out of every three people carry too much weight. It’s been revealed that obesity contributes to more than 300,000 deaths per year!  The well publicized Framingham heart study that included 3,457 people found that carrying excess body fat, especially in midlife, can dramatically cut life expectancy. Being overweight is as dangerous as smoking.

Here’s what research has proven to be effective, first, you should keep your fat consumption below 30% of the total calories consumed. In order to find this number, you need to see how many calories you actually take in versus how many you need to maintain your body weight. Knowing how many calories keep you at your present body weight is a starting point. This number will vary from individual to individual depending on how your body stores fat, how thermogenic your metabolism is, your hormonal balance, and your insulin resistance. The average person, as a rule, requires 14 calories per pound of body weight per day to maintain their average weight. Other factors play into this, but this can give you a broad starting point.

Since cancer and heart disease are so closely associated with being overweight, professional recommendations emphasize eating up to 6 to 10 servings of mostly raw fruits and vegetables per day. That may appear to be impossible for the average overweight person with a busy lifestyle, but you can use a natural Superfood that provides that nutritional equivalent in just a tablespoon. You can simply mix it into a glass of water and enjoy this delicious drink. However, consuming fresh, raw organic fruits and vegetables is the best way to receive the healthiest nutritional values. One of the suspected reasons people consume so much food, according to nutritional experts, is that the body craves the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes missing from processed foods. In fact, not only are these missing from packaged products, but it’s also harmful to eat foods with high amounts of saturated fats, refined sugars, and low fiber content.

Fiber is an important factor in weight loss, due to its ability to move fecal matter out of the system. Not only does it swell ingested food, it is a natural appetite suppressor and regulator. Additionally, fiber will absorb fat. It’s important to understand that cholesterol is constructed of fat, so the more fat that remains in the system, the more cholesterol the body holds. Excess cholesterol clogs up the arteries and creates dangerous plaque formations. But not all cholesterol is harmful; it’s important to choose foods that benefit the body by providing the healthy cholesterol. The good cholesterol is called HDL or high-density lipoprotein. This good cholesterol protects your heart and arteries by removing the bad cholesterol from circulation. Cholesterol problems occur whenever your body weight is over its healthy limits.

Here’s a relatively little-known fact: the reason we encounter problems with the harmful cholesterol, or LDL (low density lipoprotein) is that it comes from animal products, which our cells work hard at rejecting. All good or beneficial cholesterol is found in vegetables and fruits. This is especially true of nuts and seeds. All nuts and seeds contain very healthy amounts of the beneficial cholesterol that your body requires for good health. The remedy for getting rid of the dangerous LDL cholesterol is, again, our weight loss friend, fiber. Mucilage and ligands from seeds and grains like oats soak up cholesterol from the walls of the intestines, causing the body to secrete more cholesterol that is once again absorbed by the fiber. Pectin from the skins of fruits and vegetables and cellulose from breads and cereals greatly benefit this process. Increasing numbers of people attest to the benefits of eating more organic and raw fruits and veggies to aid the elimination of harmful cholesterol and dangerous triglycerides caused by increased fat consumption.

Here’s a shocker: if you want to lose muscle and gain fat, simply increase your sugar intake. Sugar, especially refined sugar, jacks up insulin levels. When insulin is high and blood sugar rises, the anabolic or muscle-building process is shut down. When insulin finally runs its course, like when you’re asleep, growth hormone is released, which builds lean muscle mass and eats fat. HGH or human growth hormone curbs the release of insulin and halts fat accumulation. The reason diabetics become overweight so easily is tied to insulin metabolism. Fiber balances insulin levels, and the mineral chromium normalizes insulin metabolism. The richest sources of chromium are brewer’s yeast, seeds, nuts, and grains like oats. The following steps will help you lose weight: making the decision to focus on more fresh, raw, and organic foods, especially those high in fiber and chromium; committing to an exercise program; not eating late at night, which interferes with HGH production; drinking more water instead of sugary beverages; and getting proper sleep. Additionally, there are certain supplements available to you that can greatly increase thermogenic metabolism as well as insulin regulation.

SUCCESS EXERCISE: Increase dietary fiber. Bear in mind that fiber blots up fat from the body. Keep your fat intake under 30% of your total calories. Get six to nine servings of raw fruits and veggies. Avoid packaged and canned foods that are laden with salt. Avoid fried foods. Drink lots of pure water


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