Christina Waggoner

Christina is passionate about her work as an Empowerment Coach and about her play in the energy arts as an instructor of Qigong. Along with her extensive Satori Method training, Christina also draws upon her skills as a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, and her training with the Institute for Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi to help her clients tap into and build their vital life force energy. She loves teaching her clients easy-to-learn skills and powerful techniques designed to help them de-stress, heal and discover and/or deepen their life purpose. Christina also utilizes her training received through her certification as a QSCA Law of Attraction Coach and as a dually certified QEH & APH Hypnotherapist to help her clients shed negative behavior patterns and eliminate limiting beliefs. Blending her expertise in mind power with the flowing physical movements of Qigong, Christina provides her clients with an uplifting, powerful experience that strengthens their mind/body/spirt connection and leaves them feeling greater joy and fulfillment and success in everything they do! (Offering in person one to one and group sessions. Also offering global virtual sessions.)

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