FAQ: What emails should I get after purchase?

Depending on your order, you might receive several emails from us, but don’t get overwhelmed… each email is designed to help you.  If you spend a few minutes reading these emails, it can save you a lot of time later.

By knowing what to look for in each email, you’ll be able to make sure you got everything you ordered and that your order processed correctly. (If you don’t see an email you are expecting, that should be a red flag to you so that you can bring it to our attention immediately!) Please feel free to reply to any of our emails and let us know if you have any questions.

Let’s start with the first email that you should see:

  1. As you can see below, immediately after you order you should get an email that has your order receipt. It is titled “Thank you for your order” and it contains all of your order information.
    Emails you will see
  2. If this is your first order from us, you’ll get an email titled “Welcome to Satori!” This email tells you what emails to expect from us and gives you some tips on things you can do to make sure you get all of our emails that you are expecting.
  3. If you ordered an online course or club membership, you’ll also get these emails…
    • For each course you ordered, you’ll get a registration confirmation email titled “Congrats, You’re registered” that has your login information.

      TIP: All of our online courses play on any computer device and you have lifetime access as soon as you are registered.  There’s nothing that you have to download (unless you want to); however, you’ll need this login info to get access to your courses.  You can login immediately if you want to browse around by yourself… or… you can wait for the next email for more instructions…
    • If this is the first course or club membership you’ve bought with us, you’ll get another email in about an hour that will explain how to access our online Academy, which offers 24/7 lifetime access to your purchase. When you see it, that will mean that your order has been processed through our system. It’s a “Getting Started” email that will walk you through how to get started, as well as give you a brief tutorial that should answer any questions that you have about accessing your course or club material online.

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