Positive Thoughts & Anti-Aging

Positive thoughts are the only constructive, healthy thoughts you should ever express. Focus only on thoughts of the highest vibration. It has been said and clinically demonstrated that anything less than a loving thought is toxic. Is there anyone who hasn’t experienced the debilitating effect of a bout of anger, fear, or depression?

We sometimes refer to these episodes as emotional storms, which indeed they are. If you think of hurricanes and the awesome waves and tidal surges that accompany such storms, you may come to appreciate what happens to one’s body in an emotional storm.

Consider how well water conducts electricity. Imagine downed power lines lying in the water of swollen streets in the aftermath of the storm. Would you take the chance of stepping in those puddles? Of course not! You could be electrocuted

Consider each cell in your body as a tiny electromagnetic battery with positive and negative poles that operates on a delicate balance. In fact, your body is over 70% water and your blood is 90% water, and water carries electromagnetic impulses. So, you are extremely vulnerable to any electromagnetic changes in the fluid chemistry of your body. If you’ve ever been out on the ocean or a lake on a day when the mirrored surface reflected the sky, then you know the peacefulness and serenity you felt. These are the pleasures we experience that bring healing to not only our emotions, but our physical organism as well.

Let’s take a moment to examine a typical cell. Basically, it’s constructed of cytoplasm and a nucleus or central part. Together they form a tiny battery with positive and negative poles. So what makes up the nucleus and the cytoplasm? They are made up of molecules. What are water molecules made of? They’re made up of clusters of atoms. What are atoms constructed of? According to physicists, atoms are made up of subatomic particles like electrons and protons with negative and positive charges.

Now we logically come to the question of what subatomic particles are made of. Physicists have been baffled by the observation that subatomic particles only appear to be particles. This substructure of this entire world we identify as matter is actually constructed of wave fronts of vibration.

So, let’s ask, do subatomic particles eat? The answer is no. Then do atoms, which are made up of subatomic particles, eat? Again, no! Do the cells that are made from molecules eat? On the basis of this reasoning, again the answer would be no! Then what actually nourishes the physical body made of cells, molecules, and subatomic material?

Any thought less than love can prove toxic to the human body. What a responsibility this viewpoint places upon us! However, the physical, mental, and emotional rewards are in fact mind-numbing. Vibration is like voltage: once it increases, the flesh literally begins to glow—that is, the electromagnetic field around the body takes on a luminescence. As it intensifies, this luminescence becomes noticeable to others. It is this energy blueprint that determines the vitality and growth of the physical body. That anything less than a loving thought is toxic may just be the most important pro-youthing (anti-aging) tip one can receive. Once we consciously begin to view others as our brothers and sisters and begin to see all the ways we are alike, we heal ourselves as well.

SUCCESS EXERCISE: Place a rubber band around your wrist, and whenever you catch yourself thinking or expressing a negative or unwanted thought, simply snap it. This will soon condition your subconscious to associate the negative thoughts with pain. Hence, the subconscious will in time stop sending you buried judgments and negative conclusions for you to verbalize.


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