Jodie Francis

As a Wellness coach and Qigong instructor, Jodie helps adults who feel achy, tired, and generally bored with their lives to feel energized, fit and fabulous, ready to embrace each day with gusto! After a surprising personal experience where a qigong practitioner took away persistent throbbing pain in her wrist, now she’s delighted to help people tap into their own healing energy. She does this through online group classes in Qigong. She also coaches clients one-on-one, online, through a powerful program of movement, breathwork, and mindset mastery techniques that is customized to the client’s specific needs, and empowers them to manifest the life of their dreams. A wise person once said “hurt people hurt people”. Jodie believes it’s true, and as a mother of two, she’s concerned about the number of people who are hurting in this world. She believes that as she helps clients awaken their inner smile, they will feel better and treat themselves and those around them with more love & respect. It’s her small way of helping to make the world a better place for all children, including her own. So – are you ready to awaken your inner smile, and feel energized, fit and fabulous? Get in touch today!

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