Fans of our Good Morning Good Evening Qigong Program often ask,“How did the Qigong Masters Sensei Tristan and Sensei Peter meet? … when one of them lived in seclusion on the top of a mountain, and the other was laid out with back pain and unable to stand?” For the first time, Sensei Tristan opens up about this remarkable meeting in a tale he likes to call: “The Curious Tale of The Surfer Dude & the Longevity Sage” 

The Beginning

I guess, for me it all begins years ago when I first stumbled across Qigong…

After years of pain and anguish and trying numerous solutions (including an incredibly expensive back surgery that offers absolutely NO relief)…

I happen to stumble (literally) upon a flyer for a local Qigong workshop. A Qigong master has temporarily relocated to Austin and is offering this weekend workshop.

I can’t even THINK about doing all of the moves at first, because I can’t stand up for very long. But fortunately I’m having a “good day,” and I’m able to participate in most of the workshop. And well, I immediately start seeing fantastic results!

I mean, it really is amazing. Those of you familiar with my story will know what I’m talking about.

More energy and pain-free moments than I’ve had in years. And being able to actually sleep — UNBELIEVABLE!

If you’ve never had to deal with chronic pain, you may not be able to understand how utterly EXHAUSTING that is. Aside from the pain, it’s like you’re in a constant battle against an enemy who is stealing your energy — and you can’t even sleep to “press reset.”

But in a way, that’s a huge blessing. Because it makes the CHANGE in my energy levels and health so dramatic… the CONTRAST so striking… it’s like lighting a candle in a pitch black room.

For people that aren’t in chronic pain and on the last dregs of their energy levels, the changes may seem more subtle.

But for me, there is such relief and renewed energy! Like, “Oh! I remember this!”

Anyway, I’m so impressed with the results that I’m seeing, I ask the Qigong master to take me on as a private student. Also, because of the results I’m getting…

I become (I admit it) OBSESSED with all things Qigong.

Not just practicing it. But everything having to do with it — I talk to everyone about it, study it and research it on the internet. 

And that’s where I come across a Qigong master named Peter Ragnar for the first time.

I find tales of this man dubbed “The Magic Man” and, on Peter’s website, I read echoes of my own newly-discovered love of Qigong.

I’m also super-excited by Peter’s suggestions of blending Qigong with strength training and how they really increase the results. (This isn’t just a subjective judgement on his amazing results… This is coming from a senior being hailed in a very popular Martial Arts magazine as the strongest man alive!)

Through my research, I find a mention of training seminars that Peter leads in his home. So I hop right on the phone and dial that phone number.

But whoever answers the phone tells me that Peter is in seclusion and no longer taking students. Bummer.

But amazingly, there is only a slight disappointment because I’m SO INSPIRED and EXCITED to try out some of his suggestions on exercises and adaptations to use in my own workouts.

And it’s true. The results are amazing. And that’s on top of the results I’m ALREADY getting through my Qigong practice!

So for me, this really is the first time that I meet Peter — because it’s the first time he touches my life in a very significant way.

Even though we hadn’t physically met…

I mean, Peter is still in seclusion. He spends all his time now communing with nature and going deeper into his own experience.

(I won’t find this out until later, but he has made his home on a place called, “Mystic Mountain” and hasn’t left his mountain-top retreat in 30 years.)

In fact, leaving the Smoky Mountains to meet with me, will be the first time he has “left the mountain” in decades!

But I’m getting ahead of myself… so much adventure, such an incredible bonding, so much that lies ahead and, at the time, I have no idea what’s coming… but that’s a story for another time… keep an eye on your inbox!

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