Life-Force Coach Written Exam

How to Take this Written Exam:

This coaching exam is a written, open book exam. Open book means you are allowed to refer to all of the course materials and your notes to help frame your answers.

You have seven days to complete this written exam from the day it was sent to you.

As you go through the exam questions we highly recommend that you first use an application like Microsoft Word, Notepad, Google Docs, or an Email Draft to craft your answers and then copy and paste them into this exam form. Handwritten exams are not permitted.

Electronic Exam Submission:

We do not recommend that you keep this exam page open for more than an hour unattended as browsers sometimes refresh and you could lose all of your work. As mentioned, first write all of your answers in an alternative document and then add your entries into this electronic exam form in one session. Once added simply finalize the exam by clicking the submit button at the end of the exam.

The Focus of this Written Exam:

The focus of this written exam is on the 6 S.A.T.O.R.I. Life Force Pillars, the Energy Activators, the Mental Processes, the Coaching Skills and Niching/Packaging/Pricing. This written exam will also be followed up by a Live Demo + Pop-Quiz on Zoom.

Live Demo + Pop-Quiz on Zoom:

During the Live Zoom Session portion of the 2-part exam we will be asking you to demonstrate some of the Activators, describe some of the Processes as well as share your plans for launching or integrating your Life-Force Coach Certification. This will include comfortably sharing your Explainer Statement, talking about your Packages and Pricing and explaining your Client Attraction Strategy.

How to Qualify to Take the Exam:

In order to qualify to participate in this 2-part exam process (written and live) you must have watched EVERY session of training, attended at least 4 pod sessions (out of the 10 that were scheduled) and you must have attended half of the live classes or clinics. If you do not meet these requirements please do not submit at this time.

Timeline to Submit for this Exam:

This written exam may be submitted between Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2022
The live exam portion will be held on Zoom on November 20th, 2022


Contact Information:

The 6 Pillars:

Explain the framework and purpose for each Pillar (200-500 words each)

Give an example of how you might use each Pillar: (100-250 words each)

Activators & Processes:

List 3 Energy Activators and explain when you might use each. (100-250 words each)

List 3 Mental Processes and explain when you might use each. (100-250 words each)

Coaching Skills:

Explain each coaching framework and its purpose (100-250 words each)

HINT: This session’s structure is the same as the ongoing session structure - but what else can you include or ask during this first “paid” session?
TIP: Use the Coaching Questions Workbook to identify these different phases.
TIP: Use the Coaching Questions Workbook to identify these different styles.
TIP: Use the Coaching Questions Workbook to identify the ‘What If’ questions.

Niche, Package & Price:

Give examples of two UNIQUE packages you could offer a 1-1 coaching client tomorrow. (include number of sessions, price, bonuses, discounts and limiters if applicable)

Personal & Professional Upgrades

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