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    Please enter your short essay (up to 250 words) sharing a short explanation of what the map means to you and any insights you gained into your own life circumstances by seeing the mind-body-spirit connection laid out in this way. (This is the part that will be shared during your belt exam session.)


    Often profound things happen during a cycle that you may want to share. We STRONGLY encourage you to share this inside the Facebook Dojo, but because it can greatly inspire and encourage others, AND it deepens the roots and gains of your own experience by sharing it with others. However, if you want to share something more private with just Sensei Tristan, you can use this area to do that. (This part won’t be shared during the exam without your permission.)




    I promise that I have participated at a level I feel is worthy of earning my Purple SATORI wristband belt.

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    *I understand that the belt exam fee, currently included with my membership, covers the cost of my belt exam (Purple – $20) If I would also like a physical wristband belt to symbolize my belt status in real life, I will be able to order one for $1 plus S&H when I pass my exam.