Julia Lundstrom, author of the book, The Brain Owners – Owner’s Manual and CEO of Simple Smart Science, works with her team to identify areas of your life where big leaps in performance can be achieved through simple and science-driven strategies.

Recently, Tristan & Sabrina talked with Julia for some practical advice on how you can enhance your natural brain functions (including memory and focus.) In fact, Julia identified the top 3 things you can do to get the biggest “bang for your buck” with brain health.

During this interview, Julia talks about:

  • What causes your brain to shrink 10% and what can you do to prevent it?
  • The most dangerous thing you’re doing for your memory that you can fix RIGHT NOW?
  • How 2,000 people actually reversed their brain shrinkage and re-grew their brain!
  • Your brain consumes 20% of the calories you eat – but what part is really nourishing?
  • How your brain can still need attention even though you seem to be super healthy in every other way.

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