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The Brain, Prayer and Meditation

Being so interested in health, spirituality AND the brain, we were so excited to talk to Mark Waldman, cutting edge neuroscience researcher. In this short video he talks about his SPECIFIC and SIMPLE exercises to help your brain cultivate peak enlightened states, intuition, and A-Ha moments.

In Mark’s upcoming webinar, he is offering free training where you can learn what practices we can use — RIGHT NOW — to induce these “higher” states. He promises to give actual exercises during the webinar that STIMULATE those peak experiences, as well as identify the types of practices that both DO and DON’T produce these states.

If you can’t make that day or time, he may be doing it again in the future and he’ll keep you posted about that if you leave contact info.


If you’re in a hurry, you can use these time stamps to scroll to specific take-aways in the interview above:

  • 2:39 : What’s exactly happening in the brain during an enlightenment experience?
  • 5:08 : Do these “enlightened” brain changes last beyond the actual spiritual practice?
  • 7:04 : What do you mean by Big Enlightenment and Little Enlightenment?
  • 8:38 : What strategies we learn from brain scans – the good and the bad
  • 11:47 : Why seeking the Big Enlightenment experience is counter-productive
  • 13:55 : How to “invite” the enlightenment experience to create a welcoming and nurturing environment
  • 15:34 : One of the coolest things Mark has found about the enlightenment experience
  • 16:25 : How to increase the power of your meditation or prayer
  • 17:14 : How to prepare for changes in your brain (and in your current beliefs)
  • 18:55 : After Enlightenment, The Laundry
  • 21:32 : Mark’s free online training program that puts together all the best research in developing a brain environment that is conducive and inviting to the enlightenment experience.

Who is Mark Waldman?
Mark Waldman is a revered faculty member at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business and the Holmes Institute and is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on spirituality and the brain. But you may recognize him from Oprah, PBS or as the author of one of the 14 books he has written (including his newest book, “How Enlightenment Changes the Brain.“) Mark also occasionally offers online free training workshops.

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