“The Magic of the Breath”

End Chronic Pain, Heal Injuries & Increase Mobility!

In this short audio presentation we’ll share with you a special way to use the sound of your breath to reset and re-calibrate healthy brain-body signals.

When you tighten or hold your breath, you create what’s known as a ‘reactive-pattern’ in your brain-body connection that reinforces a fear-based guarding mechanism.

This protective mechanism keeps your tissues and joints stiff… often resulting in chronic pain. By releasing the stress signal that gets trapped in your brain-body connection you can finally end chronic pain, heal old injuries and regain your youthful mobiliy.

The “Sound Breathwork” technique is most effective when used in conjunction with our Martial yoga: Movement medicine program. Click HERE for a Sneak Peek Video of How it Works! By combining this brain-body-breath technique with these unique circular movements can help to quickly unwind tension from your tissues and reset your brain for Pain-Free Living!