Your Guided Session (The Sound Breathwork Healing)

Use this short 15-minute Guided Healing Session to help eliminate (and prevent) Aches, Pains, Stiffness and Soreness.

By recalibrating the signals between your brain and body this process helps to gently elicit your natural relaxation response.

The RESULT? You’ll be moving your body again the way it was designed to be moved, without Fear or Guarding.

This technique is easy to learn AND when done correctly becomes a powerful tool to help you reclaim your mobility, flexibility, balance and strength!

The “Sound Breathwork” technique is most effective when used in conjunction with our Martial yoga: Movement medicine program. Click HERE for a Sneak Peek Video of How it Works! By combining this brain-body-breath technique with these unique circular movements can help to quickly unwind tension from your tissues and reset your brain for Pain-Free Living!