The 30-Day Life Force Challenge!

Welcome Challenger! We SO love that you’re here! 

REMINDER: Our Kickoff  ‘ORIENTATION’ Session for the 30-Day Challenge was on January 7th, at 10:30am CST (here’s the REPLAY).

In a nutshell… the main focus of the 30-Day Challenge is singular: to help you develop your Life Force everyday for the next 30 days! Classes are 3 times a week, but something happens in the Dojo everyday. (keep reading)

What that looks like will be different for everyone because we all have different schedules, starting points and desires. Therefore the results will be different for all of us – so heads up, there’s no need to compare yourself with others on this journey 🙂

But if you follow the program… and implement these life-force enhancing practices regularly…. we promise that massive energetic shifts will happen for you. Seriously!

~ Sensei Tristan & Sabrina

Quick Links to the Challenge Sessions

All of the training will take place online in our Virtual Dojo (aka The Life Force Mastery Dojo). The Dojo is a beautiful space for learning and growing.  You’re going to be surprised by how much you will learn through this virtual portal.

Below are the Quick Links to the various sessions and important posts. As the Challenge unfold we will be adding more links. Please remember this 30-Day Challenge is an opportunity to take immediate action and implement consistently to experience amazing results!

Challenge Sessions – Quick Links:

1/7/17 Session – The Kickoff Orientation with the 30-Day Accountability Tracker 

1/8/17 Session – The power of having a “Mastery Journal”. What are Breadcrumbs? Different ways of tracking your Life Force training (body force, love force and mind force). How to use the Challenge Grid. The Declaration. Qigong Fundamentals and the 5 Bows.

1/10/17 Session – Sensei Tristan shares about how to get totally ‘clean’ with the people we love. How to do a walking flow meditation. PLUS the Basic Fundamentals of the Flow Form.

1/13/17 Session – Sensei Tristan shares about his father’s passing and how he is using the Life Force arts to keep his energy body ‘open’ and use this Challenge to Level Up the Love Force.

1/14/17 Session – Join us for this Wake Up Workout! A full session with cardio training and fitness bands!!

1/17/17 Session – Somebody was on FIRE in this session – LOL. Lots of deep-dive life force training… including a fun energizing warm up with physical and energetic modalities. Next was meditation training followed by Q&A. We also spent a decent amount of time on Mindset Mastery – only listen if you want to Level Up!!

1/19/17 Session – Deep Dive Training for Section 3 of The Flow Form… all of the nuances PLUS a follow along review. Sensei Tristan also discusses Lester Levenson’s healing (creator of the Sedona Method) along with an after-session Q&A around the 1 hour mark.

1/21/17 Session – Grab your fitness band and hop on over and join us for this Wake Up Workout!

1/24/17 Session – A little chat about Yin and Yang and an overview of the SATORI MAP

1/26/17 Session – NEW Qigong Exercises – Opening the Hand Chakras (Lao Gong Points) PLUS Pouring Liquid Light ???? We also discuss the difference between Discipline and Devotion.

1/28/17 Session – In this Wake Up Workout we get a little silly…. but what’s new in that department? LOL. Lots of fun, lots of laughter and some great new moves for a toned bootie. Your arm muscles are gonna get REALLY sculpted if you do this bicep routine… AND don’t miss the end of the session where we tap into the incredible Qi effect – your arms will literally float up into a powerful standing meditation posture – that’s the beauty of mind-body-spirit integration.

1/31/17 Session – Tristan and Sabrina on High Vibe Nutrition and Intermittent Fasting.

2/2/17 Session – In this session Sensei Tristan gives an overview of our recent Intermittent Fasting session and the various benefits of this life force enhancing practice. He also shows you how to make a refreshing, nutritious drink known as a Liver Flush. Tristan learned how to prepare this powerful healing concoction while studying with Dr Richard Shulze as a young man. Enjoy!

2/4/17 SessionWake Up and Work Out!


Bonus Links – The Highlights:

About Satori Method: A full review of our S.A.T.O.R.I. acronym and how it relates to the “Method” and MIND-BODY-ONE Map.

What is a Dojo? How and why to bow before you practice. New Qigong tips for great Energy Flow. The importance of integrating Breath, Movement and Visualization (at the same time) into your Life Force practice. Big Qi, Big Love and Big Mind.

The Flow Form: In this pre-challenge session Sensei Tristan does a full walk through of The Flow Form. This is a great session to watch if you don’t own the Home Study Course. If you would like a discounted copy we are offering 50% off during the challenge (discount code: challenger – expires on Feb 8th)

Bonus Healing Session:

Bonus Meditation Mastery Sessions:

Bonus Mindset Mastery Sessions:

Bonus Wake-Up Workout Sessions: 

Digital Material & Training Resources

Below are some of the Digital Material and Resources that will help you get the most out of this 30-Day Challenge and your time spent in the Life Force Mastery Dojo. We’ll be adding links to this section as the Challenge progresses… so you may want to bookmark this page. These are links to help you easily locate and access bonus videos or recommended training resources.

Digital Material:

– Orientation Video (in case you missed it)
– Challenge Schedule Grid (download)
– Declaration of Transformation (download)
– G.O.A.L.S. One Sheet (download)
– S.A.T.O.R.I. Map (download)
– Mind-Body-Magic Map Webcast (watch)
Bonus Training: (in the video gallery)
– Satori Method Belt System (download)
– The Path to Mastery (super bonus)

Training Resources:

– Fitness Bands (awesome kit)
– Foam Roller (grey: very firm) (blue: firm)
– Supplements (Greens, Turmeric)
– Home Study Courses (coming soon)
Satori Approach to Eating and Health

– Satori Smoothie Recipes (coming)
– Home Dojo Ideas (coming)
– Satori Apparel (coming)

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions about the 30 Day Challenge. Feel free to email us with any additional question you may have – [email protected]

When are the sessions? There are three masterclass training sessions held each week. These sessions are approx 60 minutes and held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm CST, Thursdays at 8:30am CST and Saturdays at 10:30am CST.

What is covered in the sessions? Each class focuses on one main goal – leveling up your energy. We do this by guiding you through our signature mind-body-spirit sequence (S.A.T.O.R.I.) to help you develop your life-force, mind-force and love-force.

What if i can’t make a live session? Every session is recorded so you can enjoy the replays when you can’t make a live class. (Special Note: The lessons and take-aways continue long after the class ends through LIVE chat).

What do i do on the other days? In addition to the masterclasses we will be supporting your transformation EVERY single day with impromptu drop in sessions, special bonus energy hacks, fun mini challenges and rewards for staying on track!

Will I need any special equipment? There are two thing you might like to pick up if you don’t already have them… a fitness band and a foam roller. You don’t need them for the challenge, but they can be very helpful. We explain why in the Kickoff Orientation Session.

What if I’ve never done anything like this before? Perfect! The greener the better 🙂 Seriously, we’ve figured out how to teach people at all different stages of development with our unique ‘stacking’ process… it’s something we’ve mastered by working with thousands of people over the years.

Is it safe to participate online? Yes! Your experience with us is very safe and secure. We use a private Facebook group to deliver our classes simply because it’s the most user-friendly platform out there. FYI, we’ve spent over 10 years testing which technology will give our students the best results – this is the best!

I don’t do Facebook so now what? Some people don’t like FB and we get that, but if you really want to go through this training, and get our full support then we’ll show you how to attend anonymously. Don’t let anything stop you from getting the transformation results you deserve!

How many people will be attending with me? You’ll be joining a small, private, mindful group of people. We only offer this training to a LIMITED NUMBER OF PEOPLE. The student-to-teacher ratio is set at a level that allows us to fully support YOU!

How do i get notified about the sessions? We send you a short email reminder before the sessions with a quick access link. We also use the Facebook Chat feature to send you important and helpful announcements. If you need to turn off the notifications sounds simply follow these steps.

Loving Reminder

As you know life’s going to throw you a few curve balls over the next 30 days… it always does! BUT you’ve got this! Just keep coming back to your practice (and the Virtual Dojo) over-and-over, no matter what tries to throw you off course.

If you snap back to the The Path (don’t miss this amazing BONUS Session) then you’ll be creating lasting habits and mental blueprints that will change the course of your life. We know that sounds BIG… but it is 😉