Rajenaira-Madalyn Kennedy

Madalyn loves Qigong mostly because it helped her through her healing crisis with Epstein Barr Virus where she really thought it was the end. It had shut down her mind and body completely. With over 30 years of experience working in the energy arts, metaphysical, and spiritual communities, she found that nothing compares to the many benefits and experiences Qigong provides for staying young, healthy, alive, active, and creatively inspired. She teaches Qigong, now not only because it keeps your mind engaged and focused but also its ease of pain-free body movements for joint flexibility which help unlock frozen shoulders and strengthen knees. One of her favorite things about Qigong is that it can skyrocket your intuition which is perfect for empaths and sensitives. Since Madalyn is in her 70s, she firmly believes in the powerful Anti-aging effects that you receive from a daily Qigong practice. (Based in Katy, Texas, Rajenaira-Madalyn offers private, group and virtual classes)

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