Jelka Slapar

Jelka is a former ICU/CCU nurse with over thirty years of experience in psycho-somatic therapies. Qigong perfectly fits her current work that focuses on resetting unhelpful neurological patterns and subconscious beliefs due to all types of unprocessed trauma and chronic distress responses. Focused, flowing, and gentle movements, combined with breathing practice, create a calmer physical, physiological and emotional state. Qigong played an essential role in her own healing journey so she got certified to include it in her own programs, hoping others can experience that same benefit for themselves. Her clientele includes everyone, but a special focus on women who yearn to heal themselves and want to engage with their journey to wellness, self-love and a future of calm presence and possibilities. (Jelka offers online individual or group programmes of Qigong, TRE (tension, stress and trauma releasing exercises) and individual hypnotherapy.)

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