Thank You for Requesting our 6-Step Energy Blueprint

Bullet-Proof Your Health with this “Energy” Method!

This 90 second video explains how the 6-Step Blueprint is delivered… and then takes you right to the presentation where Tristan and Peter teach you how this “CHI” (aka QI) Energy can be developed!! If the video doesn’t pop open then please click HERE to go straight to the presentation. (you can download the Blueprint on this page)

Meet Tristan & Peter

Sensei Tristan Truscott and Sensei Peter Ragnar are both high-level martial arts and healing arts teachers (a.k.a. Senseis) with a combined 90 years of instructing and training. They co-created the 6-Step Energy Blueprint as a means of simplifying the ancient Asian art of Qigong (moving meditation). Their mission is to make this practice western-friendly, time-efficient and easy for anyone to learn!