We all know what it feels like to be running low on energy… tired, sleepy, vulnerable or just “not feeling your best.” But many are unaware of other physical and mental warning signs — “red flags” — that your energy is stagnant – and you’re running on empty.

Energy blockages (or even a sluggish energy flow) can show up as irritability, lack of focus, pain/stiffness, digestion issues, weight fluctuations, memory issues, illness, difficulty sleeping, and emotional reactions.

Listen Closely to Discover:

The different ways your Life Force Energy can be blocked, stagnant, sluggish or depleted.

 The role that your meridian system, connective tissue, joints and muscles, and your thought patterns can play in letting you know you’re in trouble.

 How once you recognize these warning signs, to halt or reverse the trouble before it gets out of hand.

We’ll also share with you a number of simple ways to get your energy flowing again – where you practically become your own Energy Healer.

Tristan & Sabrina