Sabrina Truscott's Background

Sabrina Truscott has had a rich background in dance and Theatrical production. She studied Performance Arts at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City where she worked as an actress in soap operas, commercials, and musical theatre before being brought to Los Angeles for her television-acting career.

While juggling her professional career, Sabrina always maintained a curiosity and unquenchable appetite towards the “meaning of life”, causing her to study the love-based philosophies found within various religions. This passion eventually led her to walk away from her successful television-acting career to devote her time to meditation, personal growth and charity work.

Along her journey Sabrina fell deeply in love with Ballroom and Latin dance and went on to become a professional competitor for 7 years.

Her ballroom and acting career gave Sabrina the necessary skills she desired to co-create, direct and emcee the enormous charity gala “Dancing with the Stars Austin” from 2007-2017, which has generated over $11,000,000 for the Center For Child Protection in Austin, Texas. One of her greatest joys is to oversee, organize and create events that support people in transforming their lives!

In addition to her passion for charity work, personal growth and and meditation Sabrina has always loved movement and the way the flow of energy can be felt and expressed through dance. For the past 25 years she has shared this joy of movement not only through dance, but also through what she calls Celebration Fitness, a way of integrating the body, mind and spirit into an ecstatic state of Oneness while exercising.

Today as co-founder of the Satori Method Academy, an off-line AND on-line center for mind-body-spirit transformation Sabrina and her husband Tristan, teach, coach and produce programs that enable people to become mentally, spiritually and physically fit. Sabrina is living proof that health, positive thinking and living from the heart keeps you young, healthy, happy and constantly joyful.